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Insolite Batisseur Pilippe Romero Newsletter / may 2019
Discover the world of Fondation Insolite Bâtisseur Philippe Romero by reading our triannual newsletter.
Every quarter, we will present our programs, actions and news: reforestation, migrant and development aid.

Migrant Aid

Health care in war zones


Whether they are fleeing war, conflict, discrimination, poverty, or the consequences of global warming, exiles have a right to a decent reception. The Foundation devotes over 15% of its budget to support the field-based associative actors who work alongside them. Elise Boghossian, the founder of the association EliseCare, which provides medical aid to survivors in Iraq and Syria, spoke with us:

In 2013, when the Syrian conflict began, you were an acupuncturist based in Paris and you went into the field in Jordan "alone with your needles." What pushed you to make this choice?
"I myself am the granddaughter of Armenian deportees, and my parents are emigrants. I said to myself that one day when I would be able to do so, I would reach out to these people just like others had done for my family. On the ground, it was a shock. There were no doctors, only four volunteers for 10,000 refugees. No one knew about acupuncture, but I suggested to the victims that they try the needles to see if it relieved their pain, as there was no morphine. So step by step, I was able to help them. "

EliseCare's action is now carried out thanks to 9 clinics, 6 mobile buses, 3 permanent dispensaries and 40 health professionals. How did your solitary initiative become a great human adventure?
"Faced with the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis, with the arrival of Daesh, the priority was to set up sustainable actions. I trained doctors; I let them use my equipment so that they could practice. In 2014, the first dispensary was created and a medical team was recruited. The dispensaries' mission is threefold: ensure consultations and free health care, allow for patients' psychological monitoring and provide access to medical training (acupuncture, first aid, gynecology, radiology, biology). EliseCare also trains Syrian and Iraqi refugee women for health professions. "

During the first half of 2018, nearly 50,000 people risked their lives to reach Europe by the Mediterranean Sea. Europe and France must face these deportees who are fleeing conflict and human rights violations. What are your actions in France?
"In France, thousands of people do not have the opportunity to live decently and are deprived of health care. We started in Calais in 2016. In 6 months, our acupuncturists carried out over 5000 consultations to the benefit of 3000 beneficiaries.
I believe that it is by acting wherever we go and around us that we realize that our happiness also depends on our relationship with others. It might seem selfish, but I think that we are all connected and that each person's happiness can only be made possible unless he or she reaches out. "

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Our Actions

Every quarter, we will offer you a selection of the projects that we support.


The genius of trees

Fundacion Amazonia Viva, Peru

In the 80s, in the heart of the Amazon forest, in the San Martin region in Peru, cocaine cartels controlled the local populations. Twenty years later, the region was devastated and its inhabitants were left to fend for themselves.

In 2008, PUR Projet, a social company that fights against climate change by promoting conservation and the planting of trees, managed to bring together committed producers within the Fundacion Amazonia Viva to create associations and agricultural co-operatives which strive for food and financial autonomy on the one hand and the regeneration of an ecosystem with a high value in biodiversity, on the other hand. "Before we used to destroy our mountains, we cultivated coca in fear, we cut down trees, and our corn fields drained our rivers… We destroyed in order to survive. We didn't realize anything," reminisced Serfia Pinedo, a 75-year old farmer who is still in activity.

These fair, organic and family agricultural models not only increase yields thanks to agroforestry but also have a measurable impact on climate change. "With trees, we realized that we could double small farmers' income in 7 to 10 years, sometimes less. It was really a miracle! And not only for their income but also for the soil, water, biodiversity and climate. What's magical with trees is that we plant them one time and afterward, they deliver multiple services free of charge for everyone involved: water, carbon, wood, medicine, etc.", enthusiastically explained Tristan Leconte, founder of Pur Projet.

The small revolution of the 9000 aboriginal farmers of the San Martin region has not gone unnoticed and now serves as a valuable model worldwide: 384,000 hectares of primary forest preserved and 3 million trees planted. Designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2016, the region has been able to enhance its cultural and natural heritage, thanks to the genius of trees. "We desire to show how a farmer can once again play a part in reviving the earth by cultivating cocoa in agroforestry and reviving forests," added Roldan Rojas, Director of Amazonia Viva.

Insolite Bâtisseur Philippe Romero has supported Pur Projet and the Amazonia Viva foundation since 2013.

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A farmers' revolution

SOL, India

Founded in 1980, SOL which means "Agroecological and Solidarity Alternatives" works to develop sustainable agriculture and protect biodiversity in food.
We have helped to provide training for 300 farmers in agricultural techniques that are resilient to climate change as well as raising awareness among the general public and young people.

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Access to safe drinking water

Epicea, Ladakh

Created in 2000, the association EPICEA works to improve the living conditions of the most impoverished populations in Nepal, Ladakh and India.
We have financed the installation of 7 fountains in order to provide running water to the 15 families.

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Access to education

Les Enfants du K2, Pakistan

Les Enfants du K2 is an association created in 2013 which aims to promote the education of children and professional training of young people in northern Pakistan.
We participate in the foster home's operating costs.

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Feeding the most vulnerable

Children of the Sun, Ethiopia

Children of the Sun is a French association created in 2007 which is committed for Ethiopian children.
Since 2013, the association has requested our help to purchase infant milk for 200 children under the age of 48 months

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Desert schools

Medrassa du Désert, Mauritania

Medrassa du Désert which means "Desert School," is an association created in 2007 that works to provide education to children in Mauritania by improving school buildings and providing teaching supplies and materials.
In 2019, Medrassa du Désert is working to provide water to the village of Tekemeret in the Adrar region in the northwestern part of the country and rehabilitate its school.

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Our news

Call for projects

2019 Selection Committee

Fondation Insolite Bâtisseur Philippe Romero brought together its committee on 7 May to establish its 2019 philanthropy programs. We have chosen to support nine new projects and to continue 75% of the partnerships engaged in 2018, as part of our 3-year minimum support policy. We have privileged access to education and health care for the most underprivileged populations, as well as to sports and entertainment. The Foundation, therefore, supports 31 philanthropy associations in 17 countries. 129,300€ have been allocated including 15% which is reserved for emergency humanitarian assistance.

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A book


Au Royaume de l'Espoir,
il n'y a pas d'hiver

As a witness of the injustice and trauma suffered by the victims, Élise Boghossian tells about her combat, and describes the unspeakable with both anger and hope. Because, she said, it's up to each one of us to refuse that the world is a place of misfortune and destruction..

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A clothes drive

Solidarités Saint Bernard de la Chapelle

Every week, the association Solidarités Saint Bernard de la Chapelle helps people in dire poverty to be decently dressed in its Parisian dressing room thanks to donations from individuals.
This winter, the foundation collected about forty bags of clothing and hygiene kits from the parent companies' employees.

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